Cruise Ship Confidential

Photo: Nic Coury

Should cruise ships be allowed in marine sanctuaries?

Originally published in The San Francisco Chronicle.

In October 2002, the cruise ship Crystal Harmony anchored outside Monterey Harbor, ferrying more than 900 passengers ashore for the day before continuing on its way to Acapulco, Mexico. Later that night, 14 miles off the pristine coastline of Big Sur, the 790-foot-long ship dumped 36,400 gallons of sewage, gray water and oily waste into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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Ventana Surfboards

Form, Function, and Sustainability

Originally published in Adventure Sports Journal.

A variegated mural hangs on Tyler Fox’s bedroom wall. Reclaimed redwood from the historic Schwann mansion hugs yellow Alaskan cedar, forming a tawny rainbow of timber. Abalone inlay shimmers across the deck; salvaged driftwood flanks the tip and tail. A professional surfer, founder of Santa Cruz Waves magazine and a longtime contestant of the Mavericks Invitational, Fox has dozens of surfboards strewn around his backyard. The 9’6″ twin fin holds this special, solitary place because it is more than a surfboard: it’s a work of art.

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